And Who Is Mr. JL Lazu



Who Is Mr. JL Lazu

A new dynamic political leader.

He is the modern day leading visionary of nation formation for our people.  Meaning for African Americans that want to have their own independent nation.  The Mahali Movement founder and leader.

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He advocates us forming a nation which we would control it’s government it’s institutions, culture and economy.

He has changed nation formation for our people.  Introducing the political process as the vehicle for independence.



What Mr. JL Lazu is doing

Mr. JL Lazu has also elevated our standards, displacing the many outdated programs that mimick a nation,  yet refuse independence.

Mostly he is known for his call to form our nation in this generation. Since he considers many have promised to deliver a country as far 85 years ago.  He constantly asks where is the nation they promised you?  It doesn’t take 100 years to form a country.   George Washington did it in his lifetime.


What Mr. JL Lazu changes

He has changed how we prepare to form our nation. The biggest mistake others have taught is that we must bring all our people to accept this nation.  And educate those who oppose it.

He identifies this as a strategic error.  Stating this places our destiny in the hands of those who disagree with you.  A foolish strategy destined to keep you from forming what you want, a country.


Mr. JL Lazu most strategic tool he’s introduced is a polling sysytem.  Initiated with determing how many of us wanted to have their own nation.

He is the only leader to conduct a national poll to find out who amongst us wanted a nation.  The results are that 35% of our people want their own nation. A valuable tool, something other leaders were oblivious to.


Mr. JL Lazu is the only leader campaigning daily to help get us a country of our own.  Since the task is demanding a daily commitment from a leader to accomplish  this large goal.   This  is the type of leader he is.