About Mr. JL Lazu

About this site, it is dedicated to inform and deliver the latest, on the development of the forming of Mahali, our new Nation.


The movement is lead by Mr. JL Lazu.


He is the only leader campaigning on a daily basis to form a country for our people.

Our people need to hear his message.

Help him reach our people with this message of hope for their families and their lives.

Choose an amount to support him.  He will be traveling to continue campaigning for our new nation.

Actnow and let’s make it a reality.


Support Mr. JL Lazu.

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About Who wants Mahali Movement?

Latest  polls show that 35% of our people want to form their own country.  KCM Polls (kato city magazine polls)  lead and conducted these polls.

Leading the movement for the 35% comes from the Mahali Movement, which is headed by Mr. JL Lazu.

He has formed a plan to attain Mahali our new country.  Which consists of the current states of Louisiana and Mississippi.

The path to our nation is politics, using the political process to form our new country.


About Mahali Movement Goal


The goal is to form what we as a people since living in this country, have never had, our own country.

We mean to be independent as a country.  Self governed and self determined.  This is why we are forming our political party, to run our candidates for elected office.  Conducting a political takeover.

Join us as we work  to form Mahali, transforming Louisiana and Mississippi into the nation of Mahali.



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