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Beat Being Bottom

We have to beat being bottom.  When I walk into our neighborhoods I see vast amounts of stuggles with finances.  Our people are struggling with making a living.  The employment is inadequate at best, for those that have it.

Then there are a some that are without any employment, dragging them down quicker.

We are fully aware of this, yet we lack the solution to solve it.

Our communities are in poor condition. We have neglected the only thing that we have left, our communities and the resources to create improvements.

This has formed a mindset of believing we are less than others and not equal or even greater than our situation.


Beat Being Bottom -Rise

Has become our acceptable condition. Not being in the bottom has become the exception.  Cruel as that sound, it is a foundation to start a movement to rise.


The bottom has no end.  So you could fall deeper into perpetuity.  However; we determine oueselves to rise from it.  Some have simply reached their last straw and are determined to reject and accept it as our place in life.

Others have been ready and have made contributions to lift as many of us that they can.

Yet the task of lifting us all as a people has slipped through our fingers.


From Beat Being Bottom To Forming Our Own Country


Mahali is an Kiswahili word meaning Promised Land.  This is what our ancestors believed God promised them, a countr, land that would be theirs.

They placed their faith on God’s promise. They believed that they will possess a portion of this country to be their Godly inheritance.

This is the hope that raises those who are stuck in the bottom to pull themselves up to their inheritance, their own country.

This is the only solution to beat the bottom permanently.

Get involved and join the movement to form Mahali our new country in the states of Louisiana/ Mississippi.


Join The Mahali Movement




  • This is what our people need. This is God’s answer to our prayers.

    I’m joing!

  • Wow.
    How badly needed is this idea.
    We need our own country, I will get involved.

    It will makes us better.

  • The Bottom will destroy us.
    How great it is to have these people helping us to get out of the bottom and come up on top.

    I wanna be in it, be like the Mahali people. We can do this.

    Bout to signup.

  • I want to be part of this. I will join it. Our children will do better in our own country. This is something that will be passed on to every generation, which we don’t have now.

    This is the answer to many of our problems that keep us in the bottom.

  • Many of us are lost in this country, without any hope. Your message gives us hope, I have to follow it, because you are right we need to have our own country.

    Count me in, gonna join.

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