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Hope for a better life for the hopeless


Our people are still living a life that they don’t want.One in a country that rejects them.

A nation that marginalizes them. This country makes it clear to our people that this country is theirs and not ours.  They do this in action and deeds, though the speak as if we are one.

Leaving a hopeless state for us. One that has lasted for generations.


Hope for a better life is only possible in our own country


This is the only reasonable solution for us.  This was the only reasonable solution for the founding fathers of this country.  Why not us?

Be part of make this possible now, join us now.

All people whom have walked this path of forceful restrictions of life, have had to face the decision to remain hopeless of form a solution.

This country was formed on the notion of pursuit of hope.

Why can’t we?



Hope for a better life is up to us to make it real


Now the solution must be pursued by us. We are the only ones that can form our country. We are now at the point of deciding to remain in a hopeless state, or solve it.

This only happens when we take action to pursue hope, and pursue it with commitment.

Commit to bring hope for our people, join us.


Are you ready to pursue Hope for a better life and form our own country?

Many are, the time is now to form Mahali our new country.  This is where we can start a new and better life for our families.

Achieve the dreams that we have desired to realize for our lives.

Become part of it, join the only movement tat is leading us to form our own country, named Mahali, meaning promised land.


This is why join us is worth it, join now.


Join The Mahali Movement


Now is the time to join and make it real.



  • Interesting notion, however there are a few obvious flaws with that plan. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I haven’t had that idea my self as it does seem like the obvious solution to many of our problems. But like I said there are just so many fews with that plan so many in fact that it would take far too long to list them all here and I feel like I’ve already rambled on long enough.

    • Thank for your comment.

      I get what you mean.

      The leader of this movement Mr. JL Lazu said, the Hatian independence was won by slaves who had all the odds against them. They challenged the most powerful nation of its time and won.

      Refocus your thoughts of how we will win. Then we will.

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