Want Your Own Country ? Join JL Lazu Now !


Join The Mahali Movement

Join JL Lazu you’ll then follow with certainty

Do be sacred to join JL Lazu.  Don’t be doubful to follow.

Doubt is the reason that many have failed.

Doubt that they can accomplish it.

Follow my assuredness.

I rely on the source of strength, where doubt flee from.



Join JL Lazu, then start getting invovled today

Tomorrow is too late.

The only time you have to begin is today.

Tomorrow may pass you by.  It has passed many of our leaders, due to doubt and fear.


Want your own country, become an example of strength

Let your children, family and friends see what is to be a pillar of strength to form our country Mahali.

They need to see it coming from you.

Coming from your heart and actions.

Be a leader and set the path for them to follow.

We are not lost, we are not doomed, and we are not dammed.


We are full over grace, fortune and strength.


Join JL Lazu Now.




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