I Represent The Song In The Hearts Of Our People To Form Our Own Country!



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The Song In The Hearts Of Our People, I believe this is our destiny


The Song In The Hearts Of Our People, where else can we go from the current state that we live in this country

Is not our future better than all that we have had in 200 years in America.

This would be dissmal to believe that this is the best that we have to offer to ourselves.  We have a better future in store for ourselves.

I believe in the song, in doing better for ourself and doing it on our own to the point of forming our own country.  This is something that is given to us by divine inspiration.



The Song In The Hearts Of Our People Never have our people fallen so low

Fallen to a deep doubt of our unification, and disrespect of one another.

Falling to the point of not depending on ourselves to reach Great Heights. Fallen to accept whatever others choose to leave for us as our hope.

There has never been a better time for us to start forming our own Nation our own country. Especially in the state that we are currently abiding.

Out of the Ashes of our Fallen State we shall rise.  So that we become brighter and stronger and even unified as a country.


The Song In The Hearts Of Our People Has Become our mirror

Reflecting back to us the state of our Fall and helping us recognize that this is not the place we ought to be.

Judging us against our own selves from our anemic state, from our state of Filth from this date of complying to all others and not doing anything for our own.

The song sings back to us that we should be ashamed for not being what we ought to be, a great country.


The Song In The Hearts Of Our People Is our confirmation

I believe this is our confirmation to fulfill the Divine promise to have our own country.

– Mr. JL Lazu


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