Why You Need To Support Mr. JL Lazu He Is Our Best Chance To Form A Nation

The talk of Supporting Mr. JL Lazu is growing as Our Best Chance To From A Nation


Who is he?

Mr. JL Lazu is Our Best Chance To Form A Nation.  Stepping in to a field he isn’t used to, as a new political leader for our people.  A dynamic public speaker.   The trend setting owner of kato city magazine.

Without question he is Our Best Chance To From A Nation.  An awesome public speaker, so relevant to our next steps of progress.  Mr. JL Lazu is a political visionary, and a new 21 century political leader.  He has introduced using politics to form our nation.

In addition he is a businessman, owner of kato city magazine. The only magazine 100% dedicated to forming a country for our people, the nation of Mahali.


Support Mr. JL Lazu.

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Our Best Chance To From A Nation  -What  does he stand for?

A champion advocating for an independent nation for our people.

Innovator, he has gone as far as conducting a poll to determine how many of us want to have their own separate nation.

Doer, he has deviced a plan to achieve it.




Why you need to support him  -Our Best Chance To From A Nation

Since the Garvey in 100 years we have discussed forming this new nation and it hasn’t become a reality yet.

Now Mr. JL Lazu is the only leader with a resonable plan to achieve it.

He is forming a political party to take over the States of Louisiana/Mississippi.

The political process is the tool to gaining our independence.

We need to bring this message to our people.  So that we all can decide if this the nation for them.

35% of our people have decided that they prefer to live in their own country.

No is the time to start organizing them so we can winning elections in these states in the upcoming elections.

Mr. JL Lazu is the leader of the Mahali Movement, his message needs to reach our people.

Help support him deliver this message across the country.

Lend your support to his traveling tour to reach us all.

His is our best Chance of getting our own country.

Work with him and volunteer to help him form Mahali our new country.

With your support we shall form Mahali, because of Mr JL Lazu and you.




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