Mr. JL Lazu Corrects Our Misuse Of The Word Nation

Why does Mr. JL Lazu Corrects Our Misuse Of The Word Nation?


Because we are using it incorrectly.  This is why Mr. JL Lazu Corrects Our Misuse Of The Word Nation.  We have started using to mean everything except what it actually means.

First let’s be clear, when we use the word Nation for us we are making a statement of nationalist.

And the people that use it are not nationalist.


Mr. JL Lazu Bring His Message


What is a nation?


A.  It is a people that share experiences, blood and views even land.  They are a nation before forming a country.

B.  Also it is an independent country for the people which are the nation without a country.  Becoming a REAL Nation.


What a Nation is not!


The following are not nations:

An organization:

Such as a cultural nationalist organization.  Usually based on ideologies.


A project:

Such as a community or neighborhoods.


A financial venture:

Such as a black wall street, or a economic cooperative.


A Real Estate program:

Land purchase to attain nation status is just real estate.   Purchased land in someone else’ nation.


A Farm:

The is simply an agricultural enterprise.


None of the above will give you a country.  They haven’t in 100 years.  



Correct Use Of Word Nation

Nations as explained are a people and also nation can mean a people’s power over a land and a formal government.  This is called a nation state.

Nation state is what we are Forming.


A nation is a political entity.

Political parties control the government of the nation.

This is why we are forming our own political party.  To control the government the States of Louisiana/Mississippi and form Mahali our nation state.

We need and deserve our own country, that we can call our own in this planet and become a legitimate member of the 200 nations states in our planet.


Join us and for a Real Nation,  our new country, the nation of Mahali.



  • Are White people gonna be allowed residency in the Mahali Nation? What about all the land that is privately owned by Whites down in Mississippi and Louisiana? Will you strip them of their land and run them out of Mahali like Robert Mugabe did in South Africa? Will Mahali be a capitalistic country or will it be a socialist country? Let’s talk about real nation building.

    • Oh yes it’s up to the White people whether or not they want to live under our government. If they leave we can do without them. So as long as they obey our laws. Your right we are not Zimbabwe. The type of government would for the Mahalian people to decide.

  • Talking about a nation is what we want to end. We are taken action to form Mahali.

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