Black Voters Defeat Alabama Republicans  – Consider Forming Mahali A Real Black Nation

They Defeated Republicans in a Red state


Black Voters Defeat Republicans.This was the talk of politics this month.

The Democrats couldn’t have won without our help.

Alabama is a republican state, and the democrats have a much smaller membership.  The Republican parties member roll is much larger.  Which makes this a huge upset in favor of  Democrats.



 Mr. JL Lazu Bring His Message



Black Voters Defeat Republicans  Lucky for them they have us

Due to our blind loyalty to the democrats we follow their lead and wishes.  So not a surprise of  Black Voters Defeat Republicans.

Making us a backup team for the Democrat Party.

They lucked this time, not because of the love of the party.  This time the contemp for the opposition got us out in big numbers.

Which gave the democrats the win.



Black Voters Defeat Republicans Consider Forming Mahali A Real Nation

Why would Black Voters who Defeated Republicans consider a real nation?   Because of Mr. JL Lazu is bringing that message to them.

He is pointing out that we already have the power to defeat them at the poll, why not use it to gain our real independence.  And become a real genuine nation a true country.  The Nation of Mahali.


The organizational skills we put into use to defeat a political party, can easily be redirected to us it to a full complete benefit to our people.

Helping our as no outside party can or will.  Only by forming our own country can we ever experience true independence.


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