What Type Of A Nation Are We Forming?

What Type Of A Nation Are We Forming What We are not 

The quick answer is a real nation.

First what we are not forming.  An organization that has the title nation attached to it.  Because those are just organizations.  Which have no political aspirations. They are not a nation.  Now this doesn’t mean that those people may not want a nation.  They’re  simply an organization with the word Nation as part of their organizational name.


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We are not forming a community a district called a nation.

They also are not nations.  These are expeessions of collective efforts based on more autonomy from America.

These are not nations.  Since they are all under jurisdiction of City governments, Couny governments and State governments.


We are no forming a nation within a nation or a tribunal nation.

Again, these are not nations, but an autonomous status, in a very limited territory.  Just like an Indian reservation or casino.  It is not a country or nation.


We Are Not Cultural Nationalist

This is what we are not, one of the things we are not is cultural nationalist.

Malcolm X introduced this idea in the sixties.

He defined as applying nationalist ideas, which is the process of forming your own independent country.  A country which you are the final authority.

He mixed nationalist ideas with cultural pride.  Where you can express your culture as a culture and mix elements of nationalist views such as unified economics and cultural education.


However not being committed to being a nationalist.  Not going through the process of breaking away from America for the purpose to become a separate independent country.


What Type Of Nation We Are Forming Actually


A nation state.  Also called a country.

All countries are political entities, and are the final authority in their land.

This is what we are forming. Just like America is it’s own final authority, so shall our own country Mahali our new nation shall.

Why spend all the efforts to pretend to have a country, when we achieve a forming a nation with the same efforts.

Join us as we form Mahali.


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