Mr. JL Lazu:  Black Democrats Stop Complaining -Form Mahali Our Own Country

Stop Complaining About America   -Form Mahali

We need to to be sure we reach  our people that want to form their own country .  But with all the constant complaining about what others are or aren’t doing for us or to us needs to end.

They haven’t  solved the problems.  Most of the complaints  are  the same old issues that have never been solved  in centuries  and won’t  ever be solved.  So don’t  jump on the complaint  wagon that leads us to a dead end.


Our people can’t  here the good news of forming Mahali, because the complaints  are getting the attention.  We need to become more active and get our message out.

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Black Democrats Stop Complaining  Instead They  Have Made It A Career

After 50 years  of  serving in our people they have not made any effort to form Mahali our own country.  We already know that the solutions that we want are to be found in starting our own country.  But rather keep us in the same country where all are problems are coming from.


Black Democrats Stop Complaining -Form Mahali


The Mahali Movement is waitng  on them to change.   Mr. JL Lazu the movement’s leader, stated  “We will contest them  at the ballot and get our candidates elected and replace them.  This the time for our party and starting forming Mahali our new country.

The Mahali Movement is dedicated  in transforming the states of Louisiana/Mississippi  into the nation of Mahali.   All done by politics, by getting  our candidates  elected in to  office.

The up coming  elections  for the states  of Louisiana/Mississippi  arr when the challenge will take place.  This is why Mt. JL Lazu is campaigning to get the message out to our people.  They have a choice now and are not locked in to any of the parties that they have heard of in the lad 50 years.

They will be a new political party, the Mhali Party.



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