Mr. JL Lazu: Campaigning For Your Vote Form Our Country


Why I’m Campaigning For Your Vote

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My decision to campaign for the upcoming elections in Mississippi  and Louisiana. Is why I’m campaigning, vote. With the goal to transform those states into our own nation.  I want to have a country, something we have never had.  My burning intense desire is based making it a reality.

However, to have freedom to make decisions without any outside approval, and not just to have a country.   My heart yearns for freedom as a  people, which is our dignity and self respect.



Who We Are, Why I’m Campaigning For Your Vote

I’m also campaigning because of who we are as a people  So like any other, we can live as such as free people.  I’m done, with this or any other country determining our destiny.  Watch Video

My campaigning is so we can decide, because we are adults, we are parents, we are educated, we are skilled, we are talented, we are gifted, we are ingenious, and most  of all we are smart.


Future Generations, Why I’m Campaigning For Your Vote

I’m campaigning for your vote to let others know we are ready to govern.  You cannot tell me we are not prepared or ready to govern ourselves.  Because none of the founders of America had experience governing  an independent country.

I want to live with the pride of living in my own country. I want my child and the generation after and continuously perpetually to live that pride.

They will always their own homeland.  No matter where in the world they venture, they always have Mahali their permanent home.

This is the bases of stability of a people which became and form their own country.


Have a better life, Why I’m Campaigning For Your Vote

I’m campaigning for your vote because life in Mahali is to be better than the one we experience today outside of Mahali.

Because we will determine its outcome.  Good or bad, we determine the direction and the end result.

I’m not scared if we make wrong choices, they will be our choices.  We can always correct them.  We can always improve.  Without outsiders directing and imposing on us.  Freedom and independence is best for nations, so it shall be for Mahali.

And this why campaign for your vote, so Mahali can be real for you and all that want it.

Thank you.

Mahali Melele (forever).


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