Mr. JL Lazu:  $1/4 Trillion Economy Is At Stake Forming Mahali Our Country!

Mr. JL Lazu:   $1/4 Trillion Economy Is At Stake  Forming Mahali Our Country


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The Big $1/4 Trillion Economy

This is a large number which can turn things around for most our people.  Imagine what we can accomplish with an economy of this size.  Think of the many programs that we have been asking this government to allocate for us, with that kind of money we can begin to provide them to ourselves.

In the last 241 years we have never controlled an economy of that size.  This is historic for us and proof that we are on the right path.


$1/4 Trillion Economy We’re on Destiny’s Path

Mahali our own country is the path of our Destiny.  We have discussed the politics of Mahali, which is political takeover of the states of Louisiana & Mississippi.  Transforming them in the nation of Mahali.  Now this is the economics of Mahali. 

There is no way of justifying accepting the crumbs that we have been allowed to control.

There is no earthly reason to accept less than what we produce.

State governments control most of your money.  They are the driving force that direct to entire states economy.

This is fact, this is why we won’t give control to anyone but ourselves.

These will be our states and our economy.

Our so called leaders refuse to challenge them for control of our economy.

Mr. JL Lazu is and shall fight to put our economy in the control our hands.

Our benefit is enormous.

In Mahali we can finalize the process  of becoming financially self-sufficient.  Beginning the act of preserving our national trade and economy.  And form the educational programs to expand the Mahalian business method and modeling of economics for our future generations.  Mr. JL Lazu says ” Mahalian business model is what will perfect and impact the world’s economy”.

Success breeds success.  We will finally will be able to attract more of our people from other states to Mahali and increase the Mahalian economy.  They will come to improve their businesses where our people control the economy. Benefit their families will inherit as a birthright.  

“The fight for our $1/4 trillion economy’s control is at steak, and we will win.”  – Mr. JL Lazu.


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