Mr. JL Lazu: Dream The Dream V Live The Dream



The state of

Live the Dream

before me


We must go beyond dreaming the dream.   We must begin to Live the Dream.  Many have been dreaming it, hoping and wishing that day would come soon.  To some it has placed them in a deep sleep, and made them inactive when it comes to forming our own independent country.

This is the state that i found the dream.  It was was just sitting there suspended in mid air, stuck between our ears.  The dream had become foggy, unclear, weak, boring, and out of touch, but mostly, irrelevant.


The state of Live the dream now!

I’m  JL Lazu, listen; this is  the day i bring.  I bring the day to begin to live the dream.

I want you to know and experience the dream as i live it.


This is the most exciting movement of our people, Ever, since we have been brought on this land.

This is the biggest dream we have ever pursuit in over 300 years.


Bigger than the emancipation proclamation, the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments, all together.  At a time when not a single member of government  was  black.

All of those acts were pacifiers to quell the real issue, freedom and independence.  Who would we want to join a portion of society in America, meaning you’ll always get the leftovers.  When you can have your own country and have the entire pie for ourselves.


That is bigger and better than being someone else’s lackey



Join me Live the Dream now!

I Live the dream daily, so must you.  Stop being a nationalist zombie.  Wake up and start forming our independent country now!


Join me Live the Dream now!      Follow me and I will take you to our independence, as we form Mahali our country. I am not dreaming, I am Livingly bringing our country into existence.


Choose America  or Live the Dream

Think about your purpose in society, is it really being less than number one.  Are you truly ok with being number 2, 3, even 4 or number 5 in society.

Is this what your heart tells you, what your worth?


Pass to next Gen to Live the dream

Can you look at your child and tell them to accept those positions in America?Even if you lie to them, they will eventually see it.  How do you think they will see you then?  Demand respect, join me and form Mahali our country for you and yours.


Mahali Melele(forever).


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