We Decide What Are Our Political Choices!


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We Decide What Are Our Political Choices!


JL Lazu

America prepare a great banquet and invited everybody.  The 2008 Financial meltdown, American politicians and businesses fell at it’s feet, consider, Political Choices.

Very few of our people understood that they themselves were on the menu. Their jobs, their personal security from police, their housing, their health care: their dignity and their future.


Then the financial meltdown came along with police killing us in waves. The markets and the banks managed to get the government to foot the bill.   They in turn passed that bill partly to us.  Today, the system of political and economic power no longer asks us to make sacrifices for the sake of prosperity to come. Now it is asking us to sacrifice ourselves in order to survive. For it them survive.


Political choices they won’t tell you

Nevertheless, the traumatic changes that have come about since then have awaken our people out of their disinterest towards politics. Disinterest has given way to anger, outrage, nationalism and action. With every day that passes, greater numbers of us feel that the decisive moment has arrived.   That it is time to consider forming our own country.  and begin to reflect on what it will take to make that happen. While those who still fall for the slogans and rhetoric by government and the mainstream media are growing fewer. We have reached a turning point:when the masses free themselves from ‘thought control’, forming Mahali our new country becomes a very powerful weapon in our hands. This is certainly a great danger for the system that wishes to maintain our submission.


Their economic and political control relies on deception. We are told that ‘there is no alternative’,  that we CAN’T form Mahali.  This is just another way of saying,  what they mean: ‘We’ll decide what counts as a choice and what doesn’t.’ We are told that ‘stabilizing the economy requires sacrifices from all’, when what they mean is: ‘Stabilizing our profits requires sacrifices from us.’ We are told that ‘easy but deceptive promises are a threat to stability’, and by this they mean: ‘Mahali is a threat to their  power over you.’


Against them we now must stand up, all the 35% that want Mahali, to challenge those who seek to subjugate us by means of insecurity and fear. Because we are part of the forces fighting for our justice, our dignity and our life: the loyal 35 per cent. If anything is to change in this world, it depends on us. And that we must do it.



Mr. JL Lazu gives us Political Choices and more


I’m JL Lazu, and I:

•  Destroy fear: fear is their most powerful weapon. Hope and determination are ours.


•  Promote the principles of justice, patriotism and solidarity against the challenge of the unthinkable.


•  Be conscious of our strength: we can find it in unity, in tireless action, in mass effort. They tremble when people shout with one voice, when despair and insecurity are turned into resolution and tenacity.


•  Assert and exercise a united Mahali: establishing what the choice is and what it is not depends us, not them.  The balance of forces and the stability of power. Poverty, recession, the fiscal immunity of the rich, the unrestricted activities of ravishing our resources and under paying us, none of these are commandments set in stone. If they have gone unquestioned until now, it is because we accepted the legitimacy of they deciding for us what were our choices, such as our political and economic fate over and above our own determination.  Today, all of the 35% must challenge the control of the ones that exercising over us.


•  Be stronger than the opposition. An alternative choice exists. We must be strong enough to make it happen.


Political Choices of the 35%

•  Defend independence, fostering a greater and more active participation of ordinary people in the taking of decisions that affect them, on every level: both through existing institutions and via the creation of new ones. We must use every opportunity that Mahali offers to achieve the great change we want: to turn the economy around and place it at the service of our people and all their needs.


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