Mr. JL Lazu: End Our Subjection Form Mahali Our Country Now

The message of  Subjection


Mr. JL Lazu addressed subjection to a community meeting this past weekend. Doing this he delivered  the message, You’re Subjection.  The message made  several of the guest uncomfortable.  Contrary to what African American leaders speak of, we are a vassel people.

We don’t  make our decisions  for ourselves.  In our case America make those decisions for us, with the cooperation of black elected officials.  Making us an American subjection.

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What is Subjection

Subjection Merriam-Webster Definition:  1.  Vassel    (2) :  one who lives in the territory of, enjoys the protection of, and owes allegiance to a sovereign power or state.  America is sovereign over our views, our culture, and our prosperity.  We are held to a position of a people that isn’t  allowed make our decisions that may not agree with America’s views.   Yet she constantly  makes decisions that we strongly disagree with.  The difference is we settle and accept it, they don’t.  


You’re Responsible for the continuations American subjection, not America.  I can sugar coat it, but I refuse to, said Mr. JL Lazu to the audience.

Legal definition: The obligation of one or more persons to act at the discretion, or according to the judgment and will of others.

Sure many can be placed responsible for our past subjection.  But that was then and this is now.

I tell you, Placing the responsibility on the outcome of our recent  lives on others is gutless.

That was a bombshell to his audience.

Subjection  Assistants

Our people’s Democrats elected officials are assistants to our Subjection.  Rather than assist us and form Mahali our new country.  They are tied to the political  parties which they neither founded nor control.  The agendas and culture of those political parties isn’t representative to their constituency.   The only role they have left is an assistant or an aid to the founders and leaders, political culture of the Democratic and Republican parties.


 Identified   Subjection Assistance

Every time you hear of a police killing we just go along s if it were it were the norm.  Our people’s elected officials do nothing.  The  best they have is march.


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