We’re Back Their Hackers  Couldn’t  Stop Us  -Form Mahali Our Country 

We’re Back Their Hackers  Couldn’t  Stop Us  -Form Mahali Our Country


We’re back why we expected their attack?

In one word, predictably.

They have the same M.O. and haven’t  changed.   Which this makes their attacks rather limited.  So now we adjust.  We should all expect this behavior.  Yet don’t  be deterred, this is part of the process.  Our opposition has shown their hand for all to see.  Now we  all know that we are on a political  match.


We’re back and stronger

We expected their attacks, and we prepared.  We have returned and we have returned stronger.  Wiser and more committed than ever before.   They thought this would weakened us.  They’re  so wrong about  us.  Look at the historical reaction, it usually  produces their target to pull back.  In some cases  it makes them retreat and close  shop. 


We’re back to achieve our goal and form Mahali our country

When we look back at our struggles this is a minor one.  We are looking  forward  and not looking  back.  We have increased  our belief  in our  new country .



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